This listing includes a beautiful pair of black and red ears with orange ic accents. These new ears are completely posable! They can be bent into a floppy dog style if you’d prefer a more puppy like look.
Our tails are a great touch for any furry or animal type costume! From fursuits to cosplay or a costume party, our unique, beautiful tails add a nice pop of color and quality to any outfit! They are easy to wear with plenty of options for attachment. The simplest way is to slide a belt or sash through the loop strap. Smaller Tails can be attached with a large safety pin. Looking for a custom Tail to match your ears, or a full set to complete your look? Send us a message anytime for a custom quote! We are happy to help and answer all your questions!

For a matching tail and a more kitten look we recommend this tail to match:


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