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You are looking at one set of cute, fluffy furry ears 100% handmade in our workshop. Handcrafted with 10 years of professional experience!

Our bouncy, furry ears are 4.5” tall, and have a wonderful wiggle to them when you walk or bounce around. Our signature fox ear and tail set features a cute round look in the ears and tail, perfect for foxes and red pandas! The matching tails are 36 inches long, and are made with plush faux fur to mimic real animal fur. They are handsewn and stuffed lightly with polyfil to allow the tails to sway when you walk!
Please select the tip you would like. We offer these with a black tip and white tip!

Size: One size fits most
Material: Long pile faux fur, fluff.
A metal headband is included with each set of ears.
One size fits most teens and adults.

These ears are fully adjustable on a metal headband! They slide along the headband for easy positioning! Clips may be added upon request to make them removable and for ease of styling!

Majority of our items are Made-To-Order! All of our items are made specifically for each customer when the order is made. The examples shown are from previous commission and minor details can change depending on availability. We work every day to make these adorable products for you!

*Headband color and style may vary depending upon stock.
*Spot clean only. Do not wash in washer or submerge in water. Do not expose extremely high heat. Dryers will ruin ears. High heat will ruin fur fibers.
*Each fur item we make is cruelty free as they are made from fake furs! No real fur was used in the making of our costumes.

Realistic Red Fox Tail & Ears Set

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