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Please allow us 3-4 weeks to create your product! We typically have a quick turn around, but if you absolutly need your product before 3 weeks conversation us first, please. We will work something out with you, and we do offer rush orders.

This listing includes a tail and matching ear set. If you'd like a custom color please leave a comment or note us if you've a specific color in mind. Plugs, gauges, jewelry not included.

Each set of headband ears is handsewn by myself, then secured onto a headband! The white fur with the black tips are meant to look like fox ears, but you could also use these for cute kitty ears if it suits your fancy!

These lovely tails are 22inches long, and are made with plush faux fur to mimic real animal fur. They are handsewn and stuffed lightly with polyfil to allow the tails to sway when you walk!
Please choose your band color before checking out. The black bands and white underbelly are standard, but we can always change out colorful stripes for another hue. In the example they happen to be lime green!
If you'd like a solid top versus stripes please make sure to add this information in the comments below. We are more then happy to do a solid top versus a stripped one.

Toss these tails into the wash, but only put them on cold/cold gentle cycles. You can also put these in the dryer, but only if you have a no heat setting. Please do not wash your ears in the washer. You will ruin them. spot clean ears with a damn rag only!

Stripe Green Fursuit Tail and Ear Set

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