SIZES: Adult is recommended for anyone with a fuller face or for full coverage under the chin and around the eyes.
They’re also ideal for plus size. Adult Petite is ideal for smaller faces, teenagers, and petite adults.
Our child size is ideal for children or very petite adults.

Color: Pink Tropical Print
Material - 100% Cotton
Metal wire
Elastic loops


✅Our masks are made of 2 layers of 100% COTTON. The middle layer is a filter POCKET for a disposable filter. The filter will act as a 3rd layer.

✅ EAR LOOPS are made with stretchy elastic. They can be tied shorter for a custom fit. We are offering two styles for the elastic, please select which one you’d prefer. The elastic can be cut and tied again for a better fit.
Around the head: we will be adding two straps around the head. If you’d like a single strap, please select a single versus a double.

Ear loops: The loops go around the ears or on a headband with buttons.

✅ A NOSE WIRE that will help achieve a better seal and a more comfortable fit. They also help with glasses and fogging. No more pokey ends! Each wire is curled to protect you from pokes.

✅Hand wash or machine wash on delicate. Consider washing and drying in a delicate bag.


Our photo gallery shows a adult sized mask on a plus size model. Please refer to the photo for sizing.

•Adult: Recommended for Adult women, men, and plus size. Full coverage for fuller faces.

•Petite: Recommended for