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Price List 


 Below is a guide to our base pricing for fursuit and fursuit accessories. Prices are subject to change, and are heavily dependent on the nature of your project. ​More references can be found in our shop!

Updated on January 27th, 2023.

Fursuit Heads $2000+

Aetherwears offers a variety of techniques for fursuit heads. Our clients have a choice of resin, foam, and 3d printed bases. All bases are covered in a soft lining and additional foam for comfort. Our fursuit heads usually slip on like a helmet. Stretch fur is typically used for an easy fit. Zippers can be added on request! Every piece of the suit can be customized. Tongues are available in fabrics like fleece or minky, or a soft silicone tongue created to match the reference sheet. The eyes are available in resin for a realistic touch and mash and plastic for a toony look. Noses are often casted in plastic with resin blanks, but silicone noses are available in a variety of realistic and toony styles!

Fursuit heads are typically covered in faux fur to match our clients reference! Airbrushing can add highlights, shadows, or details to finished heads.

Available features:

  • Led in the teeth and tongue, eyes, and accessories! One of our signature looks

  • Hinged Jaws for movement

  • Fan installation (+$50)

  • Resin pieces (horns, spikes, etc)

  • NFT manes and full heads of hair

  • Styled Hair

  • Artistic Liberty slots are available

Our default fursuit partial includes a head, hands, armsleeves, and tail. We allow our clients to select parts individually ( a la carte style ) to build their personalized fursuit packages! Individual parts may be omitted to lower the price, or additional pieces can added like feet, leg sleeves, additional tails, or accessories that match your character.


  • Led lights in the armsleeves, feet, and tails

  • Bandanas 

  • Outdoor or indoor feetpaws

  • Fursuit Legs with fabric lined elastic waist band for comfort.

Fursuit PArtial $2800+

Tails $60 - 300+

Faux Fur Tail widely prices vary depending on complexity.

Our faux fur tails feature 1 to 2 webbing belt loops sewn flat to the base for stability. Airbrushed and sewn markings are available! Glowing tails are our signature, and we pride ourselves on adding leds to almost every tail type.


  • Small - up to 12" ($60+)

  • Medium - Up to 24" ( $100+)

  • Large - Up to 34" ($150+)

  • XL- Up to 40" ($250+)


  • Led lights for glowing tails (Basic led lighting starts around $25+)

  • Programmable/ Addressable led lights

  • Snap pocket ($15) / Free with led tails of all types.

  • Zippered pocket ($20)

  • Squeaker ($5 each) / Not available for led tails.

  • 6'+ Floor dragging options with strap at the tip for easy carrying.​​​

Product Photography coming soon

Handpaws $350+

Handpaws are offered in a variety of styles from puffy paws to slimfit! Our best seller includes led claws. They can be made from faux fur, fleece, or minky!


  • Resin claws 

  • Glowing resin claws with leds (+ Starting price $80 )

  • Silicone paw pads

  • Matching sleeves

  • Stuffed fabric paw pads

  • Vinyl and holo pawpads

  • Lined handpaws