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Please note: message us prior to placing the order to approve your design! Failure to do so may result in refunding your order immediately. We ant to make sure both client and buyer are a good match for expectations. 

This listing is for one Custom Dino Fursuit Head made to your reference! We’re happy to take artistic liberty on these as well! More information can be read and spotted below. Please read all of the information before ordering. You will not receive a head exactly like the listing. This head will be made to your preferences and style!
All about the blank:
We have both t-Rex blanks and raptor blanks!
The blank was meticulously modified, sculpted ,and painted, this head is light weight while still offering a unique look and feel. The mask portion is a light weight plastic with strong apoxie sculpt clay for detailing.
The entire cowl, including the hair is made from 4 way stretch faux fur.

The eyes:
We use a variety of eyes from different makers! We will make the best judgement call we can on design! Please keep in mind the limitations of the eyes. Leds can also be added to the eyes.
Moving jaw:
The moving jaw works on this one with a chin strap from the original mask.
The hair features high end four way stretch faux furs for an easy fit! The entire cowl stretches to fit most head sizes! His hair is also able to be styled and set with hairspray.

Your custom head will include a mohawk style hairstyle or pompadour, resin eyes, sculpted eye lids, a moving jaw, and painting to your preference!

A note on the painting, please send us a reference prior to ordering to approve your design! We are limited on what we can do. Please keep in mind our general style before placing an order.
Ears are okay too, but please show us first for approval.

At this time we do not offer toony style for eyes or non stretch fur cowls.

Tail and handpaws can be ordered with the head for an additional cost. Please message us anytime if you have any questions.

Custom Realistic Raptor Dinosaur Fursuit Head

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