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Shop Update! New Furry Ears and Tails!

We've taken the time to add all new ears and tails to the shop! Last year moving into this year has been very trying for everyone! I hope everyone is staying safe during the pandemic! This is a relatively short update overall!

Our website is stocked with new made to order items like Furry Tails, Ears, Cosplay sets, and more! We also have a wide arrangement of masks to choose from sizes Child, Petite, and Adult! All of our handmade face masks feature a filter pocket and nose wire.

We plan to ship out the masks within 1 business day from the order.

Majority of our premade items are shipped out within 1-3 days!

I'm very excited to finally have the shop portions fleshed out and ready!

Our custom prices will also feature a new update with brand new photos. A gallery has been requested to see all of our custom work! We are working to add the gallery to our "about us" section!

Stay safe out there and thank you so very much for all of your patience and understanding as we work to stock the shop with cute furry sets and more!

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