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Cheers to an epic Ohayocon 2020!

Thank you all for stopping by our booth at J7 to chill with the Aetherwears crew! We were thrilled to meet everyone, and to talk shop about our fursuit making techniques for those who inquired. Answering all of your questions about your custom concepts and allowing us to geek out about the NFT products on our masks was a memorable highlight to an overwhelmingly positive con experience! With an overwhelming collection of positive experience, we are excited to share some highlights of the weekend!

Columbus, Ohio was full of amazing discoveries and chock full of splendid adventure! We traveled a solid ten hours from Saratoga Springs. The car was packed from door to door with our light up leopard tails, a wide collection of fursuit tails, ears, and five unique fursuit heads, which were revealed at the con! Our first ever Ohayocon featured all new product lines with majority of the items making their first debut at the convention! This was such an exciting reveal for all of us.

One of the biggest highlights was all of the food shared with friends. Not only was everything delicious, but we found ourselves a little less home sick after visiting a few restaurants. The bubble tea inside of the convention center had our favorite combo: Lychee Tea with Mango bubbles.

Talking with all of the cosplayers sent us back to our roots. We experience an overwhelmingly positive sense of nostalgia, and enjoyed our conversations with everyone about their favorite shows and characters. Our companies roots were once based in cosplay and accessories with our first convention experience as anime con attendees!

The nearly ten hour trip westward bound trip was unlike anything we've done before. We're blessed to have made such amazing memories shared with friends. We were blown away by all of the wonderful people we've met along the way. Thank you so very much for a wonderful Ohayocon!

Ohayocon Artist Alley 2020 Table set up at J7
Ohayocon Artist Alley 2020

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