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About Us

Aetherwears started from humble beginnings of a hobby mindset before evolving into the costume company of today. Twelve years ago, we were obsessed with adding electronics to all of our costumes as a signature look. Every costume deserved to glow and literally shine brightly. Not only did we look our best, but we felt our electronics helped us put our best foot forward for every costume. Each and every piece presented a different lighting challenge, and we put our noses to the grind stone to study and figure out the most efficient way to tackle lighting rigs! 
Our drive to push for innovation and creativity have stuck with us for over ten years, motivating us to continue in our mission to bring inspiring and clever lighting rigs to any costume. We love a challenge and excel in finding a solid solution to most costume needs: From Micro-controllers and addressable lights to simple lighting rigs in hard to reach places like mascot heads and gloves. Each costume ordered presents a unique challenge we look forward to solving!
With the new growth of our company and an increase in demand for glowing costumes, we look forward to shining our light and showcasing our new product lines to the community!

Creative Costuming

Our stylistic choices are heavily inspired by cyberpunk styles with a mix of fantasy and Science Fiction. Our creative muses enjoy adding leds to simple parts like claws and spikes to complicated pieces like full mascot costumes with controllers. Many of our tails feature a wide variety of light up sequences and styles, including our best seller the "Pixel Led Leopard Tail"!

Conventions and Shows

We keep a fresh rotation of stock for conventions and the online store! Light up tails, ears, and fursuit accessories are our primary focus, but we love taking on fresh ideas and everything in between! Our newest additions have consisted of dazzling fringe bandanas, nerdy scrunchies, and partial mascot costumes!


Come visit our booth and shop with us.

Travel with us!

Wanderlust, nature, and exploration! We love to travel and experience the world. Travel with us and take a peek at some of our biggest inspirations. Our blog will be full of tip, tricks, and bloopers about how we travel to conventions!

Made to Order

From fluffy ears to long, luxurious tails, your order is 100% handmade in our workshop, and handcrafted with over 12 plus years of professional experience!

Majority of our items are made to order and Ready to Ship! All of our items are made specifically for you when the order is made. We work every day to make these adorable products for you!

Worldwide Shipping

We make shipping easy and care free! Many orders are processed through our shop in New York state, and shipped both internationally and continental. Packaged with a homemade touch, we pack your order with extra care and goodies. With thousands of orders under our belt, we are proud of our international and continental shipping expertise! 

Custom Orders

Looking for a custom piece? We accept orders based on available hours and resources. Please submit a quote form anytime for a quote for your project, and we will respond with a tailor made quote for your creation! Light up tails, fursuits, full costumes, ears, and gloves are some of the many pieces open for customization. Reach out to us anytime with comments and questions! 


Meet The Crew

Daily Headshots Aetherwears 8-2-2019.png


Kaesa wears many hats within the company, From Designer to Head of the shop.  She is always looking for a way to add LEDs into fashion and costumes.

TAG LOGO-01.png


Skene lends a helping hand with all of our made to order and ready to ship items. He is the mastermind of our convention displays! 


Revealed Soon!


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