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Do you attend conventions?

Absolutely! We attend many conventions throughout the year! Please visit our Events page for a fresh update on our con attendance!

Are deadlines and rush orders available?

Yes. We offer rush orders on all items except partial suits, fullsuits, and fursuit masks. Please discuss rush orders before placing your order. We encourage our clients to discuss their timelines and requirements prior to purchasing to ensure your request can be accommodated.

Deadlines should be discussed and agreed on prior to any purchases made. 

All rush orders are subject to a rush order fee. Expedited processing may be purchase with expedited shipping.

Do you take Commissions?

We sure do! We take limited custom orders on costume parts and accessories. Including handpaws, led parts and tails, partials, and premade partial fursuits.

Will you ship internationally?

Yes!  Many of our clients require us to ship international. Please be aware that your country may impose and collect import fees (such as VAT taxes) on products bought and imported from outside your country. 

How about payment plans? Do you accept them?

We accept payment plans. Please request your payment plan before placing your order. All items over $300 are eligible for a payment plan.

CAn I pick up my items at your shop?

Unfortunately, at this time, we do not offer pick up requests for items. 

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