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Sparkle & Shine

Furry Tails

Aetherwears has a extensive collection of light up, natural, and brightly colored fursuit tails! Our light up tails are unique to the shop, and are available in a large variety of styles and colors! Each pair of tail typically has a matching pair of ears to be worn as a complete set. We are happy to make a custom pair of ears to match! 
Browse through our collection of fox tails or slide your way towards the dragon tails for a completely different look. We update these sections regularly to introduce new products into the mix. Please explore our selections by clicking on the headers below or above. 

Our dragon and dino section features mythical creature tails with spikes, scaling, and feathers!

Looking for a custom tail? Check out our Custom orders tab for general pricing and information.



Light up Tails
Red Panda Tails
Dragon &Dino Tails
Cat Tails
Wolf & Dog Tails
Fox Tails
Nub & Mini Tails
Tail and Ears Set
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