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Light up Furry Ears


Our drive to push for innovation and creativity have stuck with us for over ten years, motivating us to continue in our mission to bring inspiring and clever lighting rigs to any costume. We love a challenge and excel in finding a solid solution to most costume needs: From Micro-controllers and addressable lights to simple lighting rigs in hard to reach places like mascot heads and gloves. Our light up ears feature the same led rigs, equipped with a simple on and off switch. Each pair will have it's own specs and battery information on each listing.   


These products are ready to ship immediately with a 2 to 3 day processing time to prepare your order.

Each pair of ears runs off CR2032 3V. Battery type and amount is subject to change depending on the leds used in each product.


Looking for a custom set? Check out our Custom orders tab for general pricing and information. 

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