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You are looking at a EXAMPLE of our cute and colorful handpaws made in our workshop. The pattern is our own pattern with claws from DVC. Each of the fingers are stuffed to complete the long finger look for these handpaws. 
For custom orders, we can use a variety of furs and claw styles to match. The example image features nft fur in the cuff with large nubbin claws for the individual claws. The processing time for these handpaws varies wildly from 4 weeks to 10 weeks. Orders with artistic liberty will process faster since we are not limited by claw color. Our claw manufacturer currently has a wait time of 8 weeks for all custom colors and designs.

NFT fur was used in the example.

Before ordering, please message us with your design. We will custom quote you for your pair.

Size: One size fits most. Medium to small hands fit best.
Material: Short pile faux fur
One size fits most teens and adults.

Custom Fursuit Paws, 3 finger Paws with Resin Claws, Open for Custom Commissions

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