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Show off your cyberpunk taste with one of these bandanas! We know everyone’s style is different from black and red to pink and white! We have plenty of color options to choose from to match your unique wardrobe! 

These bandanas are in two available sizes: XL and Regular!
We recommend the XL for those wishing to layer their bandana, or for fursuiters! They measure about 29”-31” inche circumference.

Our regular size is great for people sizing or for a closer fit against the neck. These are typically 24-25” inches circumference.

Custom sizing is available! Please reach out to us before placing an order for a custom size!

We have 3 fabrics to choose from:
Holo Green hexagon
Black hexagon
White hexagon

The lighting is available in:

The lighting is looped around inside frosted clear piping with a pocket for the battery and switch.Very faint squealing may be heard from the inverter. This is typical of el wire and does not effect the quality of the lighting and product.

2 AA batteries are not included.

Cyberpunk Light Up Bandana, Fursuit Bandana, Hexagon Scuba Fabric

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